Co-Op Wholesaling

Evaluation Services

Full Service LEAD Agreement (Full Service Learning Process) 25/75%

We sign an agreement to pay you 25% of the assignment fee. To be paid at closing

You give us a solid lead and we do the following.

  • We evaluate the property for repairs and value.
  • We write the offer, negotiate and seal the deal with an executed contract in our name. WE are responsible for the contract agreement.
  • We market the property for sale to flip to an investor
  • We transaction manage the deal to close.

You get the benefit of working with us on the deal and still get paid! This is a great opportunity to learn and gain experience for your future deals!

Co-op Marketing Service Agreement 50/50%

You have a property under contract and need help selling it to an investor buyer…..our co-op marketing services offer you:

  • Our FREE service is to evaluate the property for you and give a recommendation of value and offer suggestions; we must have all the information on the property and digital pictures sent to us.
  • Write the offer in your name and we are available for consulting services during negotiations, YOU are responsible for this contract agreement.
  • We market the property to our bank of investors for 50% of the flip fee to be paid at closing. You assign the contract to us and we assign to the end buyer.
  • We transaction manage the deal to close